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Unplugged Computational Thinking for Fun

Paul Curzon, Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom

Abstract: Computational thinking is a fundamental skill set that students supposedly learn by studying Informatics and ICT. We will explore how its core ideas can be introduced in an inspiring and integrated way to both school teachers and children using cs4fn ?Computer Science for Fun? stories combined with unplugged activities, games and magic tricks. We will also argue that understanding people is an important part of computational thinking. The talk will show that computational thinking can be fun for everyone when taught in kinaesthetic ways away from technology.

Further information: Paul´s homepage
Teaching London Computing:

Paul Curzon is a Professor of Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London, interested in inspirational ways of teaching computing and computational thinking. He runs cs4fn (Computer Science for Fun), which enthuses students about interdisciplinary computer science worldwide through offbeat stories about research. His "Teaching London Computing" project develops fun resources for computing teachers. He was made a UK National Teaching Fellow in 2010 in recognition of his excellence in teaching and outreach. He also leads research in the area of human error and interaction design such as on safer medical devices through the "CHI+MED" project. It provides the basis for his focus on the human side of computational thinking.

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